El Mirador

120 km walk in the jungle of the Maya biosphere on the soil of Guatemala but only a few kilometers from the Mexican border.

The expedition is well organized. A guide guides us and a cook who moves in mule prepares us meals. A real luxury. In the evening we sleep in tents in camps.

The site “El Mirador” is a known site but still difficult to access several days of walking through the jungle are indeed necessary to access the pyramids.

The site “El Mirador” is a Mayan archeological site of the pre-classical period. It probably covers about 16 km2. From west to east there is the western group and the complex Danta linked by a sacbe. The West Group is made up of several complexes, the best known of which are the el Tigre complex, the central Acropolis and the Monos complex. This part of the site is bounded by an enclosure to the east and south, while to the west it ends with a steep slope.

The pyramid of “Danta” is the highest in the Maya world of the pre-classical era. It dominates all the surrounding jungle from the top of these 76 meters.

During the expedition I had the opportunity to use the products I sell in my shop. But I also had the chance to test Swiza’s new Tick Tool. The tick tool is integrated in a standard Swiss knife. Honestly before the expedition I had doubts. I found that a little gadget. Life in nature personal hygiene is essential and each boo can very quickly become serious. That’s why each day once arrived at the camp it is necessary to recover and to make an inspection of his body.

The second day I had a tick in my arm! The Peten region is well known for these ticks. Here is the opportunity to dream of testing my tick tool. The sweat covered my entire arm and I could not dry myself. In addition this damn tick was misplaced. With the tick tool I did not manage to extract it entirely. I was disappointed.

During the expedition I had 2 more ticks that I could remove perfectly this time using the tick tool. And I removed 9 ticks from my colleagues.

Result: I adopt the tick tool as my new pocket knife in the future! It is an exceptional tool and not bulky since it is integrated with the knife.

In bushcraft a Swiss Army knife is in my opinion necessary. But in addition to a folding blade a good fixed blade is paramount. On this subject I had the chance to test the Cilaos of the French brand Avanona. This small fixed blade of high quality is revealed exceptional. It does not take long when you hold the object in your hands to understand that it is a high quality knife made with the best components. Blade in stainless steel Mox 27Co (60-61 H.R.C.), Micarta handle. But the particularity of the brand Avanona is the self-sharpening system of the blade thanks to its cases. Effectively every entry and exit of the knife in its case, guaranteed the perfect sharpening of the blade. System patented by the French brand.

As personal hygiene material maintenance is very important during an expedition. After a day of walking, mosquitoes, thirst and hunger. I guarantee you that I was happy to enjoy a little more of the hammock and not having to sharpen my fixed blade!

Personally I appreciate the fixed blade a little longer. And I did not like the teeth. That’s what I would change otherwise I recommend this product. Its high price could deter. But the cheap is always too expensive! The Avanona Cilaos is a quality knife for the adventure of a lifetime!

The expedition went well and no known accident was lamented. We are not much on this earth and above all we are not master of our destiny. But being prepared, with good knowledge and can rely on good equipment is already a lot of chances on his side. Gracias a Dios.

tick tool

12 Functions

  • 75mm blade with safety lock
  • Saw
  • Punch/reamer awl with sewing eye
  • Bottle opener with flat head screwdriver No. 3 & wire bender
  • Tick Tool with magnifying glass
  • Sommelier corkscrew
  • Tweezers
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