The World SWIZA

The iconic white cross over the white SWIZA type on the signature red field in the SWIZA logo is a clear assertion of the brand’s strong links with its Swiss roots. This new visual identity was created in the spring of this year for the opening of Baselworld 2015. The event marked a watershed mo- ment in the history of the company, which turned a corner at this precise point in time. Backed by over 110 years of horological tradition as a manufacturer of alarm and table clocks, 2015 has seen Swiza making its presence felt on the wristwatch and luggage markets, with cutlery now enhancing its product portfolio.

The company, located in Delémont, owes its new direction to two energetic and complementary men: Peter Hug and Florian Lachat. Peter has a career in the watchmaking and cutlery industries behind him. Florian is a well-known local entrepreneur. Together, they have staked the success of their venture on creating an alliance between time-honored skills and contemporary design.

SWIZA products are intended for daily use, to take on a walk, a bike ride, a picnic or to work. They cater to every age and occupation. Easy to use, reliable, attractive, practical, in some cases, connected, they aim to be a reflection of 21st-century Switzerland. The
pocket knife launched around the world today is no exception.

SWIZA’s current repertoire of creations is by no means exhaustive, nor does it stop here: more new products are in the pipeline for the coming months. 


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