SWIZA – Full of history

1904 – Company Fondation
The SWIZA clock factory was established by Louis Schwab in Moutier, in the heart of the Bernese Jura Mountains. At the time, Louis Schwab chose to specialize in mechanical clockmaking components and movements, particularly mechanical alarm clocks with 1-day movements.

1918 – Levtoi
The company designed and launched the highly-successful “Levtoi” bell-type alarm clock, which sold all over the world and made the Jura watchmaking industry famous.

1935 – International Development
After the death of Louis Schwab, his sons Pierre, Samuel and Willy took over the factory and soon afterwards officially registered SWIZA as a brand name.

1959 – Mechanical Evolution
The launch of the first-ever 8-day, 15-jewel mechanical movement – an exclusive SWIZA innovation – led to the firm’s significant international development.

1965 – Company Transfer
The company moved their headquarters to Delémont and opened a new factory.

1972 – First Award
SWIZA received the Gold Mercury European Award in recognition of the quality of its alarm clocks and its significant number of sales throughout the world.

1976 – Introduction of Quarz Movements
Like almost every other Swiss watchmaker, SWIZA began integrating quartz movements into its alarm clocks.

1979 – Third Generation of Clockmakers
The company came under the direction of Louis Schwab’s grandchildren, who oversaw the creation of the luxury 8-day baguette movement with 19 jewels.

1984 – Swiss Quarz by SWIZA
SWIZA began production of its first Swiss Quarz movements, which are still made today and are used in many collections.

1985 – 2000 – The Golden Years
The last fifteen years of the 20th century were prosperous ones, with significant developments and numerous creations. During this period, the firm employed over 300 people and produced over 30,000 table clocks and movements a year. In 1991, the company integrated a new brand specializing in travel clocks: Matthew Norman.

2006 – New Ownership
For the first time, the Schwab family relinquished ownership and ceded its share in the factory to Bedonna Holdings.

2008 – New Brand
Swiza opted to acquire “L’Epéé 1839”, an upscale French brand specializing in complex mechanical table clocks.

2009 – Mechanical & Quarz
The SWIZA family firm was acquired by the Swiss holding Mecap, who progressively re-oriented production and developed new lines of luxury products. The SWIZA collection thus began to specialize exclusively in table and alarm clocks with full quartz mechanisms.

2014 – 110 Years of Experience
Over the years, SWIZA has become the largest table clock manufacturer, producing collections for its three brands, but also for other prestigious, world-renowned clockmakers. With its strong vision of the future, SWIZA is supported by a dynamic team whose passion for innovation and excellence perpetuates the creative genius that has made the firm so successful.

2016 – New Branding and Positioning
New branding and positioning of SWIZA as a lifestyle brand for young and modern urban people.

2017 – New Urban Watch Collection
Launch of the new watch collection with our exceptional models MAGNUS, MAGNUS GMT, KRETOS and ALZA.

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