SWIZA continues its creative drive by combining expertise from manufacturing quality cutlery with watchmaking precision, to create a top-of-the-range pocket knife with a luxurious leather handle: the SWIZA D03 LEATHER. Because the watch is no longer the only stylish and innovative accessory of the urban gentlem.

Using only premium materials combined with top quality finishes, SWIZA’s new Swiss-made pocket knife has been fashioned with the same precision as watches are. All tools and plates are made of stainless steel, with expert finishing and edging applied. The stainless steel rib also features a perfectly integrated natural calf leather cladding, available in four classic colours: Ebony Black, Dark Brown, Red and Sky Blue. Offering 11 functions, the SWIZA D03 LEATHER knife has been produced in SWIZA’s renowned design style that won the brand a Red Dot Award.

The development of the new SWIZA knife, made in Delémont, is based on the highest Swiss quality standards. As with all SWIZA models, the 75 mm blade is made of extra solid stainless steel (440/57 HRc) and equipped with an ingenious safety locking system. Safely folding the blade back is as simple as pressing on the icon of the SWIZA cross, beautifully embossed in the leather rib.


11 Functions

  • 75mm blade with safety lock
  • Punch/reamer awl with sewing eye
  • Bottle opener with flat head screwdriver No. 3 & wire bender
  • Can opener with flat head screwdriver No. 1
  • Sommelier corkscrew
  • Tweezers
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