The Swiss knife with tick tool

This is what outdoor enthusiasts and animal lovers have been waiting for: a highly functional, beautifully shaped Swiss knife with integrated tick tool. With the innovative Tick Tool you can remove ticks easily and safely and thus reduce the risk of being infected with dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease or early summer encephalitis (TBE) in the event of a tick bite. SWIZA reinvents the Swiss Knife again: An elegant pocket knife “Made in Switzerland“. The innovative “Tick Tool” is made of flexible plastic and has a V-shaped incision with which ticks can be securely fixed and removed. The integrated magnifier makes it easier to find the tiny parasites.

That’s how it works

People who are often outdoors or in intensive contact with animals are particularly at risk. To avoid infections with a tick-borne disease, ticks must be completely removed and the wounds disinfected as quickly as possible. Note the date and the injection site, for example with the practical Tick App.

If you feel sickly a few days after your stay in nature or if a circular rash forms around the spot of the tick bite, you should definitely consult a doctor.


“It is extremely important to react quickly to a tick bite and to remove the tick in the right way. The new SWIZA with tick tool is very well suited for this. It perfectly complements our tick prevention app,” says Prof. Dr. Jürg Grunder, an acknowledged tick specialist and co-founder of A&K Strategy GmbH, a company that emerged from ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and has developed an innovative tick app.

Prof. Dr. Jürg Grunder



The practical Tick App helps to avoid tick bites and to detect Lyme disease early. It was developed with the technical support of the Federal Office of Public Health and in collaboration with Werner Tischhauser, scientist and tick expert, and Prof. Dr. Jürg Grunder, head of the ZHAW Phytomedicine Research Group. The app provides information on protective measures, indicates the regional tick risk (Switzerland and Liechtenstein) and offers a tick diary for observing the consequences of a tick bite.

DANGEROUS little animal

Ticks are small, spider-like animals that live on low-growing plants. They let themselves be wiped off by temporary humans and animals, sting and suck blood. Tick bites usually do not cause serious symptoms, but in some cases the dangerous diseases Lyme disease or early summer encephalitis (TBE) can be transmitted.


Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium. The Borrelia are located in the intestine of the tick and are transmitted during the feeding of the tick. There is no vaccination against Lyme disease. However, this disease can be treated with antibiotics and can be completely cured if detected in time. According to the Federal Office of Public Health, between 8,000 and 12,000 people suffer from Lyme disease every year in Switzerland.

Overview of Lyme Borreliosis, the most widespread tick-borne disease worldwide.
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TBE (early summer encephalitis) is a disease caused by the TBE virus in the saliva of the tick. The tick transmits the virus immediately after the sting. The TBE virus multiplies in human nerve cells.

Approximately 1% of the 100 to 250 patients who develop neurological symptoms die of TBE each year. Vaccination against TBE infection is available and provides effective protection.


11 Functions / 12 Functions

  • 75mm blade with safety lock
  • Tick Tool with magnifying glass
  • Punch / reamer awl with sewing eye
  • Bottle opener with flat head screwdriver No. 3 & wire bender
  • Sommelier corkscrew
  • Tweezers
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